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TriBeCa stands for "Triangle Below Canal". The name is derived from the name of Canal Street, a major street in Lower Manhattan.

Location: Lower Manhattan. TriBeCa is a triangular-shaped area located below Canal Street which consitutes its northern border. In its modern (21-century definition), TriBeCa is bounded by Broadway to the East, by West Street to the West and by Vesey Street to the South. To the north lies SoHo, to the east - Chinatown, to the south - the Word Trade Center area and to the west - Battery Park City.

Character: Packed with A-list celebrities and successful execs, TriBeCa today is miles away from the artist haven it was in the 1970's. But its streets and buildings are full of character and one might say the neighborhood today deservedly ranks as one of New York's "coolest".


Many of the area's apartments are lofts, with all the pricing implications. With that said, there are a handful of "conventional" apartment buildings in the area as well, especially in its southern part, although fewer than in neighboring Battery Park City.

In terms of condos, some converted buildings and even a handful of new developments (which tend to try to mimick the architectural style of the surrounding area) offer luxury apartments with multi-million dollar price tags.

For buyers not intimidated by board reviews, several co-op buildings exist as well, although they are in the minority.


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