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SoHo is a portmanteau word formed from the words "South" and "Houston" (referring to Houston Street).

Location: SoHo lies south of Houston Street and is bound by Lafayette Street to the east, by Canal Street to the south and by the Hudson River to the west.

Sub-divisions: The area west of Sixth Avenue is sometimes called "West SoHo"; it differs in character from the rest of the neighborhood (West SoHo retains its industrialized look and doesn't have as many stores and boutiques as the rest of SoHo).


Although the area is now mostly zoned as residential, there are few conventional rental apartment buildings. Buildings typically constructed around 1900 do exist, however - mostly on the western side of SoHo, along Sixth Avenue. Most Wanted type of Apartments in SoHo are lofts.

As for the rest of SoHo, it consists mostly of magnificent loft buildings, typically with a commerical ground floor and between two and four floors of loft apartments (sometimes undivided floor-throughs) above it.

Given the scarcity of empty lots and the landmark status conferred to most loft buildings, new construction is quite rare. SoHo is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in NYC, if not the World!

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